Chilly Weather

Hello again fellow Curvistas! I almost put this post off until later. My thinking was that it was the middle of November. It really is time to start looking for and wearing beautiful and flattering winter coats. Living in Chicago, a lot of the time we have to start wearing coats in October! Us Chicagoans know about the cold weather. But we also know about the unpredictability of the weather as well!

I truly was all ready this morning to start this post. Coat season! That is, until I walked outside. Holy 60 degree weather! No need for coats! Writing about coats was truly the last thing on my mind. But not all of us are blessed with this weather, so you cold climate ladies(poor you..) this blog posting is for you! And for my fellow Chicagoans.. enjoy this weather while you can! Tomorrow you may need these coats ūüėČ

Chilly Weather

I will start with my absolute favorite.¬† It’s the gorgeous camel colored jacket dead in the middle!¬† This 70s style fit and flare coat makes me drool.¬† It’s certainly on my wish list for the season.¬† ASOS Curve created this gem.¬† It’s both structured and fun while remaining timeless.¬† At $162, its a bit of a splurge, but I have a feeling after buying this coat, you won’t want to wear anything else for years!¬† Find it at¬†!


This plaid black and white belted jacket is also a classic.¬† This jacket can take you through many a fashion season.¬† It’s young, fresh, and will keep you warm.¬† The color and style will go perfectly with most outfits! And for $55 at your local Target, how can you go wrong?¬† Visit or your local Target to get it!

For a more structured look, try this Old Navy military jacket!¬† Military styles are still in right now, and in a beautiful navy blue hue this jacket is fun, stylish and elegant.¬† It can be worn for a night out with the girls, or to a fancy cocktail party!¬† This versatile jacket is also a steal!¬† Only $60 at Old Navy!¬† Unfortunately, Old Navy only sells most plus sized garments online.¬† Most stores do sell up to an 18 or 20 (At an 18 I can still shop in stores)¬† My advice, go to an Old Navy store first to see if they have your size, or at least to see the coat in person.¬† If not, you can always buy online at Luckily returns are easy ūüôā

The color and shape of this next coat make it amazing.¬† The deep burgundy berry color is absolutely gorgeous.¬† The swing cape feel is fun, while the structured top keeps it elegant.¬† And while I’m usually not a fan of this type of collar, it suits this coat perfectly.¬† Any glamorous Curvista would glow in this coat!¬† It’s not the cheapest at $125, but it’s well worth the price.¬† Find it at !

The pure crispness of white is mesmerizing in the winter.¬† It’s the color of snow, clouds, and dreams.¬† And this white pea coat takes the cake.¬† Of course, it certainly isn’t for girls like me, who spill almost everything that goes near their mouths.¬† But our more careful curvistas will look stunning in this coat! It’s classy, classic, elegant, and timeless.¬† Score one for yourself at your local Lane Bryant for $102, or find it online at .

Our final coat is by one of my absolute favorite designers, Michael Kors.¬† It’s a soft hooded jacket in a deep chocolate-brown.¬† This gorgeous jacket is belted, classy and downright warm.¬† Great news!¬† This jacket, which originally sells for $230 is currently on sale for $140 at or at your local Nordstrom’s.¬† If you can’t get your hands on the sale price, you can always look at .

Coats and jackets can be difficult to shop for.¬† When I shop for coats I am continuously disappointed by the fit.¬† I am much smaller on the bottom than I am on the top.¬† If they fit on the top they are way to wide on the bottom.¬† The best bet is to find a jacket that fits your widest or most problematic area.¬† A tailor is a girl’s best friend, not just with jackets, but with any article of clothing!¬† Have your tailor work their magic on your new coat!¬† They will be able to fit it perfectly to your body.¬† It may cost a bit more, but a well-fitting jacket can take you far!

So what do you ladies think?¬† What jackets will you be wearing? Know any other great stores that carry wonderful plus sized jackets? Have your own blog with great jacket selections?¬† Let me know!¬† Link your site! I’m always looking for new people to follow!¬† Also, check out my polyvore site at As always, thanks for reading, thanks for your input, and happy shopping!

-Andrea Nicole

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Plus Sized Holliday Cheer

Hello again everyone!¬† I know it’s only mid November, but it’s time to start thinking about all those holiday parties we’re going to be attending.¬† If you are anything like me, dress shopping is pure hell.¬† Luckily, stores and designers are begining to realize that plus sized ladies are not all over 50.¬† This season I have found many cute holiday dresses that should be just right for wowing the crowds.¬† Here are a few of my favorites so far!

Plus Sized Holliday Cheer


(From left to right)

1. Purple Strapless and Belted.
It’s always refreshing to see colors other than red, green, and black during the holiday season. This beautiful purple number will lift your spirits! It’s just the right amount of sexy without being trashy. However, I wouldn’t wear this sexy little number to a family party without a nice little shrug or jacket over it..¬†
Accessorize with: Black Suede Heels, Lace Clutch, Sparkly Jewlery, A Sassy Attitude.

Torrid.  $79.00

2. Girly Lace Dress. 

This isn’t your typical little black dress. It’s a convertible little black lace dress. This adorable A-Line dress can be worn strapless or with the straps as shown. It falls just to the knees, making it the very perfect length. And with a cute sparkly belt, how could you go wrong?

Accessorize with: Gunmetal Accessories. Sexy Pumps. Wavy Locks.

Lane Bryant.  $99.00

3.  Elegant Ruffles     

For the sophisticated fashionista in all of us, an elegant sheath dress with sheer cap sleeves.  The ruffled bottom adds a spirited touch. A slim belt defines the waist.

Accessorize with: Diamond Bangles. Black Patent Leather Heels. Smooth and Chic Hair.  $80.00

4. Sexy Lace Sheath          

This dress is both sexy and edgy.  For the girl who dares to be just a bit different, this mini sheath dress is completely made of lace.  The 3/4 length sleeves will keep your arms warm.  

Accessorize with: Minimal Jewlery. Smokey Eyes. Peep-Toe Heels.

ASOS Curve. $58  

5. Flowered Pin-Up Dress

For our vintage fashionistas!  This sexy floral number will turn heads! The sweetheart neckline will really sex up your cleavage. 

Accessorize with: Red Pumps. Vixen Hair.  Red Lips. $96

6. Sparkly Blue Mini Dress

Once again, any bright color is refreshing during the season!¬† And this bright blue color will certainly catch the eye of anyone around you!¬† With a sparkly bodice, rosette waistband, and full skirt, you simply can’t go wrong!

Accessorize with: Fun Makeup. Sparkly Pumps. Blue Hair Flowers.

Ruby Rox. $79

7. Simply Chic

A rich burgundy color and v-neckline will have you feeling fabulous.¬† The longer length works wonderfully for more conservative ladies, or ladies you just don’t like to show a lot of leg.¬† The belt cinches the waist.

Accessorize with: Black Pumps.  A Classic Necklace.  Polished Updo.

IGIGI. $170

There you have it.¬† My top picks for the upcoming holiday season.¬† Of course, all of these stores and websites have a large variety of party dresses.¬† Check them out and find your own perfect match.¬† And of course, let me know just what you think.¬† Share your ideas.¬† What’s your favorite holiday dress?


Andrea Nicole

Coming Next Time:  Coats and Jackets!



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Thank you for visiting my blog CURVISTA.  This blog is dedicated to plus sized women everywhere!  My aim is to provide my fellow curvistas with relevant information, fashion, advice, sites, and more! 

I wasn’t always such a fashion forward lady.¬† In fact, up until a few years ago fashion was the least of my worries.¬† Of course, I was 75 pounds lighter and able to fit in nearly everything.¬† Long gone are those days.¬† As a plus sized lady, I found it extremely frustrating to shop.¬† I’d cry in fitting rooms, and get visibly frustrated with stores.¬† When I found something that did fit, it was something even my mother would laugh at.

Pissed off, I was ready to give up on fashion and had almost completely come to terms with the fact that I would be condemned¬†to baggy shirts and saggy¬†mom jeans for the rest of my life.¬† But then I had an epiphany.¬† Magazines!¬† They would help me! Surely there had to be a magazine out there geared towards the curvy crowd.¬† After all, weren’t most ladies in the US officially considered to be plus sized?¬† But alas, magazines let me down.¬† Not one magazine seemed to be around to help me out.¬† But that didn’t mean I was completely sunk.

While the printed version of Big Girl Glamour was not available, it seemed girls like me had taken to the web.¬† The more I Googled, the more hope I found.¬† Ladies around the nation, around the world were creating blogs aimed towards me.¬† They were wearing amazing clothes, looking fabulous, and giving advice to women like me.¬† I was hooked.¬† Years later, I decided I too wanted to help.¬† While I’m not rich enough to create my own plus sized magazine, I am rich enough to afford a free blog.

My hope is to give hope.¬† I’d love to inspire curvy women everywhere to be just as fashionable as their¬†tinier counterparts.¬† There is no need to cover those curves in old baggy Looney Tunes tee shirts (yes.. I still own it…) And there is certainly no need to wear elastic waistband mom jeans (it was one time…)¬† Dive in.¬† Get inspired.¬† Leave your own ideas.¬† Promote your own blog.¬† Let’s share ideas, encourage one another, and get glamorous!

‚̧ s Curvista Andrea Nicole

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